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Orange is the main character of cold season, part of the citrus family with which it shares many essential nutritional characteristics. Delicious to eat raw, loved by young and old for its fresh juice, this fruit em-bodies the essence of taste and wellness.

Bellabionda is the trademark with which Parlapiano Fruit Company trades D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange in Italy and abroad. As it is well known, Ribera (Sicily) is the heart of the growning of blonde orange, a high-quality product with peculiar characteristics.

Bellabionda oranges are part of both Navelina and Washington Navel varie-ties; yellow and scented, they are characterized by a little protuberance which resembles a human navel. This is due to the growth of a second fruit at the apex, embedded in the main one but which protrudes slightly.
Another important characteristic of Bellabionda oranges is that they are not waxed, but just washed with drinkable water and then wiped.

It is hence possible to eat the skin and to use it in several recipes and dishes.

Nutrional facts

Low calorie fruit providing only 34 kcal per 100 g, orange is famous for its remarkable content of vitamin C, a great antioxidant.
To satisfy the daily requirements of an adult, it takes only 200 g of peeled oranges. Oranges are rich of vitamin B1 and B2, two metabolism-boosters essential for hair and skin, too. Among the minerals there calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium and potassium.

When you buy oranges, choose Bio ones, especially if you do want to use the skin. Orange skin contains various essential oils with excellent digestive properties, citric acid essential for iron absorption, and antioxidant biflavonoids. For this it is interesting to grate it on sweet and savoury dishes, but first make sure you are using products from organic farming.

With D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange Bellabionda you’re in great hands!!!

On this website you can buy it, easily and safe, from Italy or abroad.
From Ribera to your house…

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