• Bellabionda
  • Bellabionda

D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange Bellabionda it’s easy to peel, sweet and thanks to the perfect balance between its soft and fibrous part, tasteful as it is or to be juiced, due to its extreme juiciness, great for eating or drinking.

Recommended as a great ingredient for all courses, from entrée to dessert; being Bio, it’s washed only with drinkable water and wiped before packaging.

Among the qualities of the D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange Bellabionda, there surely is the texture of the pulp, such that the juice vesicles dissolve in the mouth leaving no membranous leftovers, so that even when you eat it, it seems you’re drinking it.

D.O.P. Ribera Orange Bio Bellabionda, Navelina and W. Navel varieties, it’s a blonde pulp orange grown in the D.O.P (Protected Designations of Origin) area since 1930, thanks to the favourable climate, excellent quality of water and soil, but also due to the farmers who meticulously grow it by employing techniques handed down from father to son.

D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange Bellabionda, besides the perfect balance among taste, aroma and scent, it is packed with Vitamin C, essential for boosting the immune system.

It is extremely easy to digest; on average this type of oranges is quite big in size and seedless, as well. It is traded from December to April.


D.O.P. Ribera Orange

Protected Designations of Origin (D.O.P.) is the name for a product that must be grown and processed in a specific geographic area recognized by official rules and char-acterized by proven distinctive features.

Native of Ribera, the farming of the D.O.P. Ribera Orange covers 14 municipalities within the province of Agrigento. It starts to grow in the first decade of November with Navelina variety, and follow from December to April with Brasiliano and Washington Navel.