"Parlapiano Fruit Srl has been a company in the fruit and vegetable business for four generations"


Parlapiano Fruit Srl has been a company in the fruit and vegetable business for four generations. The grandfather was an innovative expert in growing and harvesting fruits, while the father was a fruits broker who worked at the farmers’ market in Ribera;

Today Biagio Parlapiano own Parlapiano Fruit Srl – brand leader in trade of D.O.P. Ribera Orange – running it with his children, Paolo e Vincenzo.

Parlapiano Fruit Srl operates in Sicily and, in particular, in Ribera (Agrigento), hart of the production of D.O.P. Bio Ribera Orange, territory destinated to the growing of blonde or-anges of Navelina and Washington Navel varieties, one of the chosen areas where the combination of great soil and climate, the wonderful quality of water and the meticulous farming techniques of the citrus growers handed down from father to son, give birth to a product with unique and incomparable qualities.

Harvesting is carried at different times of the year, picking oranges from the most precocious to the most belated areas, in order to have the fresh product for several months.

Parlapiano Fruit Company fully represents D.O.P. Ribera Orange since in the last three years it has been trading about 70% of the whole production. A high production capacity is guaran-teed by vanguard technologies and tools for the processing and selection of citrus.

The results the Company obtained are just an outcome of a business targeting quality more than price.